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Sean Jones-Quaidoo, MD

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Spine Surgery


Dr. Sean M. Jones-Quaidoo is a board certified and fellowship trained orthopadic spine surgeon that specializes in degenerative spinal disorders. He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Maryland in Biological Resources Engineering. He completed his medical degree at the University of California, Los Angeles. There he found a passion for orthopaedics and attended the University of Virginia for residency. He was then accepted into fellowship in spine surgery at the prestigious Norton Leatherman Spine Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

The training received during his fellowship was under the direction of both orthopadic and neurosurgeons, giving him a unique and broad exposure to complex spine issues and techniques to address them. With the knowledge of open techniques, minimally invasive techniques and a variety of nonsurgical care, a comprehensive customized plan of care can be provided to his patients. He has published many peer-reviewed papers and made scholarly presentations in well-known orthopedic journals and societies both in the United States and internationally. His practice philosophy is to listen to each patient and create a special action plan for everyone in the team. He creates great rapport with his orthopedic team to make the experience for the patient friendly, compassionate and highly efficient. He has excelled in the patient care he provides and has a terrific bedside manner. Each patient becomes like family and the team working with Dr. Jones-Quaidoo is devoted to your care.

Philanthropy is dear to his heart. He has spent time across seas on medical missions working on complex spine cases. He is a huge advocate for healthy lifestyle. He encourages and motivates everyone to become active. Dr. Jones-Quaidoo also spends time mentoring others since undergraduate school and continues to this day.

He truly enjoys spending time with family. His children and lovely wife are his pride and joy. He also enjoys the movies and innovative gadgetry. He loves running, biking and traveling. Dr. Jones-Quaidoo currently resides in Dallas, Texas.







Dr. Jones-Quaidoo is an orthopedic spine surgeon and back doctor that has been bringing relief to patients in the Dallas area for years with his trademark comprehensive and compassionate care that strives for not just optimum spinal health, but the best possible overall health and wellness. While his surgical capabilities range from open techniques to minimally invasive techniques to some of the newest, proven techniques and technology, he also provides a wide range of nonsurgical treatments to his patients, including physical therapy and spinal injections. Dr. Jones-Quaidoo specializes in degenerative spine conditions such as degenerative disc disease, slipped or herniated discs, osteoarthritis and spinal stenosis. He also treats spinal conditions resulting from spinal abnormalities, such as scoliosis and kyphosis, as well as conditions resulting from injury and trauma. Dr. Jones-Quaidoo and his team at Spine Vue are committed to providing the best customized care for each individual patient that takes into account total body health and emotional wellness.